1800 Wazee Street / Denver, Colorado


The Dairy Block art program is a carefully curated collection that expresses the DNA of Dairy Block through artwork. Each artist selected for the program has a strong connection to Denver, with pieces that revere the past and others that invite viewers to enjoy the present and ponder the future. Artists are the ultimate makers, and the work selected for the spaces at Dairy Block reflect an unexpected whimsy that tells a story. Whether in the elevators, the restaurant, the lobbies or the restrooms, there is distinctive art to be discovered at every turn.

Featured Artist @ The Alley:
Collin Parson

The first public art piece in Denver by native Collin Parson, HERE consists of a 1,600 sq. ft. reflective pool of mirrored polished stainless steel on the underside of the Dairy Block alley bridge. This unexpected art experience reflects the people and places of the past and present. The reflections activate the space and allow people to be present in the moment and aware of their activities. Upon further investigation, one may notice the unimpeded reflection directly underneath the neon HERE, which reads correctly in its reflection (HERE). The word ‘HERE’ expresses the ‘now’ and ‘being present’ while also hinting to the attention of the shouting of ‘here’ when taking a role call. HERE represents the evolution of Denver and the people that continue its growth.

HERE was fabricated by Demiurge Design and curated by Nine Dot Arts.

“The intention of seeing a phenomenal art is simply the gift of seeing a little more today than you did yesterday.”-Robert Irwin

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Featured Artist @ The Maven:
Andrew Ramiro Tirado

Andrew Ramiro Tirado is a Colorado based artist with almost three decades of experience. Prior to teaching at the college level for a decade he served as the studio assistant for Chuck Close in New York. Now, Tirado spends all of his time focusing on his art. His most recent series are large scale hands made from reclaimed wood and other 3D and 2D media. The open hands are a powerful symbol for human connection, vulnerability, strength and community.

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Featured Artist @ The Office:
Diego Rodriguez-Warner

Originally from Managua, Nicaragua, Diego Rodriguez-Warner now calls Denver home. The 30-year-old artist frequently has exhibitions at Denver’s Leon Gallery where he showcases his works based in mixed media featuring echoes of Matisse and Picasso and inspirations from Disney, Japanese anime, superheroes and more. Diego’s work featured at Dairy Block is the perfect example of his distinct style completed with mixed media and wood, evoking feelings of celebration and nightlife.

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The Curators

Artists are the ultimate makers. By sheer force of will, complete devotion and never-ending creativity, they craft something out of nothing with their very own hands, hands that paint, draw, cut, carve, saw, mold, assemble, weave, weld, coax, twist, pull, push, roll, sew. The studio is their test kitchen, their inventing room, their living library. Artists make the intangible tangible.

Art allows us to feel the presence of the maker in all his or her human glory: the head that thought this thing up, the hand that forged it into being, the heart that pumped such life into this artwork.

A curated art collection leverages the power and presence of the maker tenfold because the artworks themselves join in a dynamic, complex conversation that sings and dances with energy.

It’s a microcosm that tells a story. A story of place, culture and community.


31 Artists
Everyone is in Denver or along the Front Range
715 art pieces
275 commissions
433 Guest room pieces in The Maven
3 interactive exterior installations in the Alley