1800 Wazee Street / Denver, Colorado


MENO HOME is a sustainable furniture brand offering curated vintage, new, and limited edition furnishings, as well as the cleanest candles on the market.

1801 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202

The Greek root of MENO describes a symbiotic state of dwelling, more over, abiding. This positive, circular relationship embodies the ethos of MENO HOME, a sustainable furniture brand. Looking to improve the relationships between people and the objects they dwell amongst, MENO is focused on waste reduction, the use of climate-friendly materials and lowering the carbon impact of logistics.

A brain child of a 10 year furniture industry design veteran, MENO began with a mission to offer exquisite furnishings concepts while setting the course for sustainable practices, to example a profitable and equitable future for the industry. The challenges and issues caused by the annual waste, the burden of planet and human health-harming materials and the ever increasing carbon footprint of the transportation of furnishings is one of humanity’s lesser addressed and greatest arenas for positive impact.

Aspiring to be a circular business model, MENO offers exceptionally procured vintage, new and limited edition furnishings all sourced or manufactured within North America. MENO HOME is setting a course for the future of home furnishings.

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