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Artists are the ultimate makers. By sheer force of will, complete devotion and never-ending creativity, they craft something out of nothing with their very own hands, hands that paint, draw, cut, carve, saw, mold, assemble, weave, weld, coax, twist, pull, push, roll, sew. The studio is their test kitchen, their inventing room, their living library. Artists make the intangible tangible.

Art allows us to feel the presence of the maker in all his or her human glory: the head that thought this thing up, the hand that forged it into being, the heart that pumped such life into this artwork.

A curated art collection leverages the power and presence of the maker tenfold because the artworks themselves join in a dynamic, complex conversation that sings and dances with energy.

It’s a microcosm that tells a story. A story of place, culture and community.


31 Artists
Everyone is in Denver or along the Front Range
715 art pieces
275 commissions
433 Guest room pieces in The Maven
3 interactive exterior installations in the Alley

Dairy Block is proud to offer a distinct collection of unique Colorado art. With each piece carefully selected to celebrate the spirit of the Mile High City and to offer unexpected moments of whimsy and delight, we invite you to explore our art-filled district.

art by Dolan Geiman at downtown denver boutique hotel the maven at dairy block

Dolan Geiman

Dolan Geiman (b. 1977, Hermitage, VA) is a mixed-media artist specializing in the reuse of found materials (reclaimed wood, salvaged metal, vintage papers) to create highly textured and intricately detailed original art pieces.

Airworks Studio

“In our works we have created many large scale commissions that enliven and activate the environment in both interior and exterior spaces. It has always been our wish to make the works have a voice and character that uplifts and reflects the positive aspects of human vision.”

Gifford Ewing

Gifford Ewing is a Denver-based photographer who specializes in fine-art black and white photography using a Deardorff field camera. “I enjoy the more traditional photographic methods in my work. They serve the purity and natural beauty of the landscape.”

Magik Studios

Founded in 2019 by Meredith Steel and Kristen Fogarty, Magik Studios specializes in hand-painted murals, installations & custom artwork.

Davis Partnership Architects

Lisa Bartlett led the Lighting Design team at Davis, developing a lighting concept coined “Downpour,” which features almost 400 programmable color changing spheres that playfully imitate a rainfall of colored light.