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The Dairy Block art program is a carefully curated collection that expresses the DNA of Dairy Block through artwork. Each artist selected for the program has a strong connection to Denver, with pieces that revere the past and others that invite viewers to enjoy the present and ponder the future. The work selected for the spaces at Dairy Block reflect an unexpected whimsy that tells a story. Whether in the elevators, the restaurant, the lobbies or the restrooms, there is distinctive art to be discovered at every turn.

Featured Artist @ The Alley:
Airworks Studio

As a team we have worked on a wide range of projects since we began collaborating in 1995. Bringing our individual visions and histories together we sought not a middle ground but a third voice in the works. In working together we have expanded this vision beyond ourselves creating works that sometimes surprise even us. In our works we have created many large scale commissions that enliven and activate the environment in both interior and exterior spaces. It has always been our wish to make the works have a voice and character that uplifts and reflects the positive aspects of human vision.

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sculpture by airworks studio, a downtown denver attraction at dairy block
art by Dolan Geiman at downtown denver boutique hotel the maven at dairy block

Featured Artist @ The Maven:
Dolan Geiman

Dolan Geiman (b. 1977, Hermitage, VA) is a mixed-media artist specializing in the reuse of found materials (reclaimed wood, salvaged metal, vintage papers) to create highly textured and intricately detailed original art pieces. Previously employed as an Interpretive Naturalist for the USDA Forest Service, Geiman seeks to combine his interests in art-making with his studies of biology and American history. Inspired by his longstanding fascination with the flora and fauna of his native Shenandoah Valley, country-western iconography, and folk and agrarian traditions, Geiman’s expansive portfolio includes large-scale faux-taxidermy wall sculptures, elaborate paper collage portraits of classic American icons and Animalia, as well as a plethora of mixed media works.

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Featured Artist @ The Office:
Gifford Ewing

Gifford Ewing is a Denver-based photographer who specializes in fine-art black and white photography using a Deardorff field camera. “I enjoy the more traditional photographic methods in my work. They serve the purity and natural beauty of the landscape. I capture the majority of my images in black and white with a 5×7 Deardorff wooden field camera using the zone system for exposure. I develop and print all images using archival silver gelatin paper finishing them in selenium to bring out the richness and increase the archival qualities.”

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fine art photograph by Gifford Ewing at dairy block denver, co
Michael Velazquez

Featured Artist @ The Office
Michael Velazquez

Michel Velazquez – a Denver local artist that enjoys creating something that’s absolutely nothing and turning it into something gorgeous and beautiful. He is inspired by the result of vibrant art. He is known to have started on cardboard now showcasing beautiful large acrylic canvas and murals nationwide. Velazquez pieces send a positive message about environmental conservation, symbols of protection, intelligence, wisdom and the divine.

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Featured Artist @ The Alley:
Spencer McCarty

Spencer McCarty is a fine artist & muralist originally from Denver, Colorado, who got his start in the art scene in Los Angeles in 2014. McCarty’s work primarily focuses on portraits and the female form, although his work expands to more subject matter on occasion including wildlife and abstract imagery. The themes in his work strive toward attaining a balance between strength & sensuality while using an array of colors in a bold yet delicate manner; making his at-times-mysterious figures feel warm and welcoming. McCarty has sold pieces to collectors internationally, painted murals all across California, Colorado and abroad, has been featured in short films and national magazines, and has collaborated artistically with brands such as W Hotels, TOMS Shoes, Volunteers of America and many more.

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Artists are the ultimate makers. By sheer force of will, complete devotion and never-ending creativity, they craft something out of nothing with their very own hands, hands that paint, draw, cut, carve, saw, mold, assemble, weave, weld, coax, twist, pull, push, roll, sew. The studio is their test kitchen, their inventing room, their living library. Artists make the intangible tangible.

Art allows us to feel the presence of the maker in all his or her human glory: the head that thought this thing up, the hand that forged it into being, the heart that pumped such life into this artwork.

A curated art collection leverages the power and presence of the maker tenfold because the artworks themselves join in a dynamic, complex conversation that sings and dances with energy.

It’s a microcosm that tells a story. A story of place, culture and community.


31 Artists
Everyone is in Denver or along the Front Range
715 art pieces
275 commissions
433 Guest room pieces in The Maven
3 interactive exterior installations in the Alley