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Premium, Handcrafted Wooden Accessories


New to the Block this Spring, SwitchWood joined our urban shopping destination featuring modern, unique styles of fashionable, wooden accessories. Founded by artist & designer, Drew Graham, the creation of SwitchWood was inspired by his sustainable vision & use of wooden scraps left behind from art projects. Combining Graham’s passion for woodworking and fine art, the brand he has created today includes wearable accessories, sunglasses, watches, cufflinks and more.

Each product is handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, resulting in one-of-a-kind products. With customizations available, it brings a personal touch to each purchase made. Emphasizing sustainability & quality craftsmanship, SwitchWood creates timeless pieces that truly stand out.

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Switching up Styles
wood sunglasses at switchwood denver


Bestselling Product

Featuring different styles, shapes, and colors, you can expect unique, handcrafted, wooden sunglasses that don’t disappoint. All SwitchWood sunnies include polarized lenses – their bestselling product, yet!

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wood bowties at switchwood dairy block denver

Bow Ties

Where It All Began

The unique wooden bow tie was the inspiration behind SwitchWood. Using interchangeable magnetic winds, the bow tie can be locked into the fabric knot, giving customers the capability of switching up styles within one product.

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wood watches at switchwood denver


Telling Time in Style

No better watch than one that's made with wood, metal and leather; SwitchWood uses all three materials to craft a classic everyday look.

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wood earrings at switchwood dairy block denver

Wearable Accessories

Something for Everyone

Offering a wide range of accessories from earrings & cufflinks to barware & flasks, SwitchWood has something for everyone.

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Drew Graham from SwitchWood
Meet the Maker

ay hello to Drew Graham, founder of SwitchWood. Graham started his career as a full-time artist in DC, working with sculptures and other handcrafted artwork when he started focusing on sustainable, wearables. “I started my career by making sculptures out of wood and these sculptures had a lot of scrap material leftover afterwards. I tried coming up with ideas of using as much material as I possibly could, so the scrap turned into bow ties and cufflinks… and then came SwitchWood.” Graham took a year of development before solidifying his first ever wooden product, the bow tie. He put in a trademark application, officially kickstarted the product in 2014, and the rest is history.

Graham said his favorite part of SwitchWood is working in various industries: “I’ve worked with a lot of cool companies like Jack Daniels, Mount Vernon whiskey, The United States Capitol…the collaborating is the best part of the gig.” Dairy Block is proud to have Drew as part of its urban shopping destination for the community to enjoy!

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The SwitchWood Shop Where the Magic Happens

The SwitchWood store front is in the Dairy Block Alley near the 19th Street end of the Block. Here you can find all products, such as fashion pieces, drinkware, and other accessories. Fun Fact: all the sculptures and artwork in the shop are Graham’s very own handmade pieces.

SwitchWood products are created outside the shop in his offsite studio located in Denver. That’s right, all the woodworking is done in-house by Graham and his team of three. Whether it’s in his studio or in a backroom of his house, Graham ensures that all products are made with quality and precision.

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