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Tastemaker | Women’s History Month

In celebration of women's history month

Women in Their Infinite Forms

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Dairy Block and Denver Milk Market have partnered with The Athena Project for another year to bring the unique art exhibit, Women in Their Infinite Forms, back to the Block. This month-long exhibit features ten Colorado artists, each embracing the theme of what it feels like to be a woman, with pieces on display throughout the Block. In previous years, artists used a mannequin as their medium, but in the spirit of trying something new this year, the pieces are each artist’s interpretation of the theme using table mirrors.

Explore these intricate pieces, on display throughout Dairy Block, now through March 31st!

Meet the Artists

Elsa Carenbauer

No Bones Left


No Bones Left (Elsa Carenbauer) is a multi-media artist in Denver, CO. Her background in communication design is an important part of her self-expression. Her work is often light hearted and easy going, incorporating themes of Asian culture, humor, and experimentation from the perspective of a bi-racial Asian American.

Teresa Castaneda

Castaneda Art


Teresa Castaneda began her journey in the arts early. By the time she was 19, she synchronously earned a B.F.A at MSU, juggled a photography internship with the Denver Art Museum, was an alternate instructor for a professor on sabbatical teaching metalsmithing and senior thesis portfolio photography at MSU, represented by a publisher and certified as a trade jeweler in California. Her professional career spans from photography, installation art, trade jeweler to private clients and jewelry stores designing, fabricating, carving waxes, casting in all precious metals, and cutting stones.

Anna Goss

Anna Goss Design


Anna Goss is a multi-disciplinary artist & designer from Denver, CO. She views artistic practice as a bridge connecting our internal & external worlds. Her work attempts to make this invisible link visible and is explored through themes of the body, the metaphysical, and nature.

Courtney Griffin

Courtney Griffin Art


Courtney Griffin (she/her) is a self-taught mixed media artist with a love for painting, collage, embroidery, and textiles. Her art, playful, colorful, and full of experimentation, serves as a container for her and her viewers to feel the breadth of emotions, to go inward and to connect with one’s inner truth.

Calla Michaelides



Calla Michaelides Lokku is an Artist with an education and professional background in Fashion Design. Through her experience as a dancer and yoga practitioner, she is enamored with settling into the physical sensations of art making in order to escape the mind and meet the true self. Through hand dyeing and mixed media abstracts, Calla is currently experimenting with how to take techniques from the ever popular craft of Macramé and transform it into something her own.

Denise Richardson


Denise Richardson is an artist from Franktown, Colorado. Her bread & butter is painting acrylic western landscapes.

Lexi Richey


Lexi is what you would call an artsy crafty freak. She resides in Broomfield, Colorado with her husband, son & dog Ace.

Sarah Tenney

Sarah Tenney Art


Sarah Tenney grew up creating art and earned a BFA from MSU Denver. She has shown in dozens of art exhibits, has dozens of collectors around the world, and aspires to write and illustrate an epic picture book. Sarah loves laughing with her husband and two sons, kayaking, game nights, anthropomorphic animals, and a good story.

Dr. S. L. Yang

Peaceful Rain


Dr. S. L. Yang is an engineer and artist who grew up in Colorado. Dr. Yang holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California and enjoys her engineering consulting work. She equally enjoys making and blessing others with art. Her artwork covers a wide variety of concepts and themes ranging from still life to abstract impressionism and is inspired by God – from His character to His beautiful creations.

Summer Allen

Summer Allen Studio


Summer Allen is a mix media artist and illustrator who approaches her free flowing artwork with a ‘there are no rules in art” mindset.

magen pastor art curator

Coming Soon...

The Southern Kindness Art Gallery is moving into the Block with a fresh collection of southwestern art and artists, founded by curator Magen Pastor. Starting in May, Dairy Block will join forces with The Southern Kindness Gallery for First Friday Art Walks, where you can explore and purchase works of art by local creators.

The Athena Project

Empowering Women Through the Arts

The Athena Project was founded in 2012 by Angela Astle with the mission of empowering women through the arts. Since then, this Colorado nonprofit has been dedicated to strengthening local and global communities by encouraging women and girls to embrace themselves as leaders in the art space. Aside from the fabulous “Women in Their Infinite Forms” exhibit on the Block, The Athena Project produces a wide array of events, locally and globally, that celebrate female writers, fashion designers, musicians, and dancers. They believe in the inherent power in the artistic voices of women, equitable access to the arts, equality in opportunities, representation, and pay, and the power of art to connect communities.