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Alley Soundscapes: Antonio Lopez Band



Saturday, June 8

6:00PM – 8:00PM

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Uncover the boundless sounds of Denver through music.
Enjoy live music from Denver local artists, every weekend in the vibrant Dairy Block Alley. Line-ups are updated every month with new and returning artists.

Tonight's featured artist: Antonio Lopez Band


Antonio Lopez is a quiet man with something to say. His music is like an onion, each layer revealing more. His adept guitar work and composition skills are never used in a showy way but rather like the spices in a home-cooked meal. His songwriting is lyric-forward folk, with marimba swells and swooning Spanish guitar flourishes on top of a rock-solid rhythm section. The result is a feast of emotions that delight the listener.

Starting in the spring of 2023, Antonio and his band are releasing two songs at a time as "doubles." It's a tongue-in-cheek way of releasing music as the music business has shifted. The trend is for musicians to release singles more frequently to feed the algorithm rather than full-length albums every few years. Calling them doubles harkens back to when singles had an A and B side because they were on a physical record. The new material is engineered by Christopher Scott Wright of Work it Bird Studios in Longmont, CO.

Antonio Lopez is a Colorado native of indigenous descent. Born and raised in Alamosa and now residing in Longmont, he grew up steeped in the Chicanx culture of southern Colorado.

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