Fresh Art On The Block


Friday, May 24

6:00PM – 8:00PM

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Join us as we welcome our newest art installation to the Dairy Block Alley, created by local artist Charlo: Celebrating The Unexpected. Engage with Charlo as he creates, alongside live music and creative cocktails from Deviation Distilling.

About the piece
Celebrating The Unexpected reflects the core values of hospitality, collaborative connections, reverence for the past
and present, the spirit of a maker's community and a commitment to Denver's authenticity.

About the artist
Charlo is a multimedia artist and designer who strives for one thing: joy. Using symbols, letters and lines, his monochromatic two-dimensional works are a space for exploration and discovery. Hidden themes and messages reside in the densely packed compositions, allowing viewers to impart their own sense of meaning from the works, or be delighted by the meanings provided by the artist.

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