1800 Wazee Street / Denver, Colorado
Eat + Drink


Located in FREE MARKET, this counter-service restaurant by Kelly Whitaker rethinks hospitality and retail into a seamless connected format.

1801 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202

The heart of BRUTØ lies in our hearth, a live fire sustained by oak wood and manned by our chefs from open to close each and every day. You’ll find that our menu is centered around core ingredients, curated thoughtfully and carefully in a way that encourages little to no waste between the tasting counter, bar program, and BØH’s alleyway.

BRUTØ offers the rare opportunity to witness each and every step in the culinary process up close. They encourage interaction at every moment and believe that food is meant to be unabashedly enjoyed, delighted in, and savored. Ask questions, share experiences, reminisce! Tradition gives way to innovation when passionate people seek to become a part of tradition itself.

Their mission is to come to you, to meet you where you are, and to share their passion at every opportunity. There’s a beauty in the duality that exists between BRUTØ and BØH. One couldn’t be what it was without the other. The same care and precision that goes into each dish at BRUTØ’s chef’s counter goes into every taco and torta sold in BØH’s alleyway.

BRUTØ consists of a 15 seat chef’s counter that boasts a multi-course, omakase style tasting menu inspired by Latin and global cuisines by Chef Michael De Leon with optional beverage pairings. Open Wednesday – Saturday, with seating’s at 5:30PM & 8:00PM. Reserve a seat HERE.

BØH Hours: 
– Sunday – Wednesday 11AM-5PM
– Thursday 11AM-8PM
– Friday & Saturday 11AM-10PM

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