1800 Wazee Street / Denver, Colorado
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Denver Milk Market

Denver Milk Market is an all-local mix of take-away and dine-in restaurants and bars run by Colorado chef Frank Bonanno. A 16-venue cornerstone of the historic Dairy Block, this lively food hall aims to draw in travelers, visitors, neighbors and fans to shop a little, drink a little, eat a little and celebrate a lot in the heart of LoDo Denver.

1800 Wazee St, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80202

At Denver Milk Market we believe in magical thinking. Food itself is a form of good magic, wouldn’t you say? From the intention that goes into stirring, rolling, seasoning and serving, to the grateful acceptance of a good meal, and the communion that happens among friends and family over a table and glass well filled. Food is a blessing, and we want to share a variety of blessings with you–whether you call it luck or blessings, charms or well-wishing. We believe the more happiness you seed, the more happiness you sow, and we are all about spreading love and happiness.

Look around Denver Milk Market for the talisman of happiness: the heart in the palm of Mano; the curve of the lucky Cornicello and its Santos crown; the prosperity of the dog; the peace of the Anansi; fortune of a barn owl to a pilgrim seeking sanctuary. By paying homage to luck and good will, to our ancestors (Ruth, Albina) to our family (Bonanno Brothers), and to the food history of this Dairy Block, we seek a storm of blessings and happiness. Join us, why don’t you?

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