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Art on the Block

celebrating makers, innovation, & the spirit of craftsmanship

Art on the Block

Step one foot into Dairy Block and it’s easy to see the astounding amount of art that pours from every corner of the space, from the walls and ceilings of restaurants and hotel rooms to the Alley and corridors. Dairy Block, the Denver Micro-District, is a testament to the artistry ever-present in Colorado, carefully curating more than 750 pieces from artists with strong ties to the local community.

Art can serve a variety of purposes, and here on the Block, it celebrates craftsmanship, innovation, and hospitality, creating a distinctive experience around every corner. Take a stroll through the Alley and have a go at the musical churns by Nikki Pike or pose in front of the iconic “HERE” mirror by Collin Parson.

Cozy into The Maven lobby under the hand-carved sculpture by Andrew Ramiro Tirado and other works by Travis Hetman, Christine Buchsbaum, Valerie Savarie, Chris Bagley, and more. Find countless other pieces after check-in at The Maven, from the eclectic art in each room right down to the glassware. 

In 2021, Dairy Block was honored with the Americas Award for Excellence from the acclaimed Urban Land Institute (ULI), an award that recognizes “the highest standards of achievement in the development industry”. A significant portion of the recognition can be attributed to the collection of art found amongst the restaurants, retail shops, bars, and other businesses that make up our space. 

New on the Block
Mavens mural at Dairy block denver


@magik.studios Meredith Steele and Kristen Fogarty

This new mural, “Makers”, has been hand-painted by Magik Studios on the South side of The Maven Hotel facing the Dairy Block Alley. Artists Meredith Steele and Kristen Fogarty design concepts that compliment their existing surroundings and elevate the spaces. To honor the Dairy block community, “Makers” mural represents the harmony between makers and the earth, showcasing hands, tools, & trinkets woven with growing vines. "We wanted to create a concept that celebrates the creativity within Dairy Block,” said Steele. “The "Makers" mural serves as an ode to the artisans and makers throughout Dairy Block and Denver as a whole.” Photo: Chayce Lanphear.

Winter wall at dairy block denver

"Winter Wonderland"

@handsomelittledevils Handsome Little Devils

Stroll through the Alley and find Denver’s Handsome Little Devils’ newest piece, reminiscent of the iconic “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” highway sign. This Winter Wonderland wall will be on display through March, featuring layers of laser-cut wood by Fort Collins artist Rob Klose along with giant snowflakes. “We love designing placemaking art pieces that offer people a joyful experience,” said Cole Huling, Artistic Director at Handsome Little Devils. “This is a large piece with a lot of dimensions to it - it’s almost like you can step into it.”

hallway from maven hotel to the alley at dairy block denver

Andrew Hoffman

@andrewhoffman84 NINE DOT

This new immersive art experience leads you from The Maven Hotel lobby into the activated Dairy Block alleyway. Artwork from Andrew Hoffman at NINE DOT radiates from floor to ceiling of the hallway designed by Davis Partnership Architects, accompanied by color-changing lights to bring the space to life.

downpour lighting in blakes passage alley at dairy block denver

“Downpour” is a new immersive art experience floating above Blake’s Passage. Architecture firm Davis Partnership Architects has partnered with Dairy Block to bring this lighting concept to life, which features almost 400 programmable color changing spheres that playfully imitate a rainfall of colored light. The dynamic points of light are programmed in composition to represent changing seasons, holidays, or Colorado sports teams. 

Quintessential Dairy Block Pieces Art that shaped the Block as we know it.

Over the years, Dairy Block has been the host of hundreds of artworks, curated by local artists who love Denver as much as we do. However, a few quintessential pieces have defined our space and created a narrative for the experience of visiting the Block. 

Experience artist Nikki Pike’s interactive musical churns woven throughout the Alley. This sculptural installation of bronze cast butter churns displays varying LED lights and musical compositions by Colorado Symphony Musicians.

Take a stroll through the Alley and you can’t miss the Milk Splash by Airworks Studio. In recognition of the site’s original purpose, Windsor Farms Dairy, this larger-than-life sculpture that scales the wall to the third story is a visual homage to an earlier time. 

Feel like you’re being watched? Find Nick Napoletano’s immaculate mural gazing into your soul in the Dairy Block Alley. This piece was the first mural for CRUSH WALLS to ever be outside of the RiNo Art District. 

Be sure to check out the fabric-wrapped tree by Ladies Fancywork Society on the indoor patio of Kachina Cantina. Their intricate fiber-art adds a pop of color and fun to every diner’s experience. 

musical churns in alley at dairy block denver milk splash sculpture at dairy block denver eyes mural in alley at dairy block denver landies fancywork society tree art at dairy block denver